Role of Women in the Ancestral Stories


This is a paper for a Theology class (Biblical Tradition). The paper is supposed to provide a full sketch of the role of women in the ancestral sories. The only source used for doing is ( Genesis 12-50). The professor said that we are supposed to use the Genesis 12-50 generously to support the ideas that we write in the essay.


The book of Genesis is practically a narrative which runs all the way from the creation of the world to the inception of the Israel descent being traced back to Egypt. The book contains a number of popular biblical stories such as Noah’s Ark, Biblical Patriarchs, Adam and Eve, Tower of Babel and Cain and Abel among others. A number of interpretations of Genesis have been afforded. The Jews view the book’s theological importance centered in the strong covenant linking God and the Chosen People being led to the Promised Land. However, the Christians have over time considered the book as a pre-figuration of Christian beliefs more especially the belief that Christ is the ultimate fulfillment of all the promises enshrined in the covenant. The ancient ancestral stories in the book of Genesis shed some light on the role of women back then. This paper seeks to highlight the role of women in the ancient ancestral stories in the book of Genesis.