Role of Media in Power and Politics


Assessment 3 – Major Essay
Length 1000 words
Weighting 40%
Submit Online via Turnitin / Moodle
Time /Date/Week 5pm / 8 September / Week 11

Choose one (1) of the topics below. Discuss the way that various forms of the media are
constructing meaning and representations of this topic in contemporary times. You should
use examples from the current day media landscape and apply the theoretical approaches
used in this unit to your discussion.
 Power and Politics
 Nationalism
 Race and Otherness
 Globalisation
 Gender, Youth and Desire
 Environment


The media is an important communication avenue that that has the power to transform the whole society. It has a high extent of influence in regard to shaping public opinion and thought. The power of the media can be utilized in a good manner to educate people or in a negative way by misleading them. However, the role of media in power and politics takes different shapes due to the influence of governments and interference by powerful political cartels(Ponder &Haridakis, 2015). The various forms of media including the internet, television, radio, and newspapers should assume a leading role in political communication by acting as the mirror of society. It is the assumption of many that media is responsible of communicating the truth and relevant information to the society. The various forms of media are constructing meaning and representations of power and politics in contemporary times. This essay will discuss the role of media in power and politics.