Risk Management


This order consist of 4 separate essay questions which need to be the following: QA-1page, QB-1/2page to 1, QC- 1page, QD-1/2 page-1page. It also has a case study that need to be answered.-1page. Sources should be separte for each part.Will upload question s and case study. Writer needs to do any research. Book associated with work is Identifying and managing project Risk by Tom kendrick-second edition.


The project of developing the tunnel under the English Channel, involve underground and tunneling works. Due to the intrinsic worries, including groundwater conditions and their inconsistencies, it is much cost overrun (economic risk), fatalities and environmental risks during the tunneling. Besides, there is jeopardy to public protests (social risk) distressing the course of the projects. Finally, there is a probable danger of ‘fat’ scale disasters during tunneling (individual risk).