Risk assessment


For risk assessment part, I think you should make a list of risk situations that can occur and solutions for each one. You can use the table with 2 columns that includes the first column is the potential risks, and the second is the risk solutions if it occurs.
I can see you have mentioned a number of risks in your paper, such as a fire, noise or overloading. Our Gala Dinner also serves wine, so I think risk could be client who was drunk. We also organize dance competition, so guests will also be falled. In addition, some other risks may occur as some risk of sound, light, power outage or absence of some important guests…. Above are some suggestions for you. You can review the overall program that I have sent to propose more risk, as well as how to fix it.
For Evaluation of operational planning, I think you should write more about the criteria that you will use to evaluate the operational plan.


It is imperative for event organizers to conduct a full risk assessment in all events irrespective of the size or the number of people involved (Jones, 2012). This is not only a legal requirement but also helps to ensure that the attendants are safe from any eventuality since the necessary measures are taken to prevent any harmful occurrence (Masterman, 2012). The event organizers will asses the venue and other aspects in order to identify any risks associated and take the necessary actions. The first risk that can come up in the gala dinner is fire which might be brought by various aspects such as electricity fault or from the kitchen. The event organizers will put in place fire extinguishers at strategic places as well as have posters that direct people to safety in case a fire breaks out (Rausand, 2013).