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ENG 110 01/10/2012 Benefits of Exercise Regular exercises can give you excellent results and benefits for life! You are not just going to feel good physically, but also mentally! It is important to know that this habit of exercising regularly does not imply that you will have to spend hours in the GYM. These activities can be done mostly the times just by walking your dog around the neighborhood, taking care of the house, gardening, and even at work sometimes. The benefits of this exercises are endless and can’t be forgotten, or not executed on a daily bases if you want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. To start, a good exercise is going to make you feel happier by releasing endorphins in your brain. A medical research found on Web MD , shows that endorphins released are not only going to help you with your mood, but also helps to avoid a bigger problem like depression. They say that you are going to “improve your self-esteem” witch is the “key of psychological benefit ”. Endorphins also reduces the perception of pain, releasing positive feeling and becoming a perfect analgesic . Another good benefit of regular exercise is a healthier life! On Medicine Net Doctors Knowledge site, you find that any amount of regular exercise is going help you, but the more you do the more benefits you are going to get from it. These regular activities help preventing Heart disease by making the muscles of your heart stronger, helping with your cholesterol, blood flow, blood pressure, preventing the risks of stroke and heart disease . Exercises are also going to prevent obesity. In a study made by the FRAC (Food Research And Action Center), you can see that in 2012 the number of obesity in America have more then Doubled, reaching 68.8% of people over their weight. This percentage would be easily changed if people starts to realize that this problem can be controlled by exercising often, helping you to burn fat, growing your muscle, bust your metabolism, and by reducing your BMI (Body Mass Index). This way you are not only preventing obesity, but staying away from many disease caused by overweight . People shouldn’t wait to feel like they need to start exercising. If you think that you need, it is already passed the time! Make this habit part of your life style and you will soon be enjoying the benefits of a healthier, happier and long life . – – –


Regular exercises can give you excellent results and benefits for life. You will not only feel better physically, but also mentally. It is important to know that developing a habit of exercising regularly does not imply that you will have to spend all your time in the GYM. Physical exercises can be done often and routinely by modifying some aspect of daily life. For example, instead of driving, you can walk around the neighborhood, doing household chores or gardening instead of hiring someyou to do it, taking stairs instead of the elevator, and others.  Exercises benefit the body by releasing endorphins, leading a healthy life, and preventing obesity and  hence they should be a normal, rather than an exception, for anyyou who wants to enjoy a healthier life.