Restricting Pornography


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Community in general takes a very serious view on the morals and ethics that guide community members in that community and hence any laws that are for the benefits of the community should be strictly looked at.

The purpose of this memo is to indicate to you that some forms of pornography are morally offensive in the society and hence laws should be made to restrict it. I would like to define the concept of pornography in relation to its effects in society. Basically, pornography is the portrayal of erotic behavior as represented in pictures or writings that is projected to cause sexual enthusiasm among individuals who come into contacts with those representations. From this definition of pornography, it is true to state that pornography brings about sexuality in the society. Certainly, when individuals are sexually aroused they can act in any way which is morally wrong in the society. In this case, I would like to describe why pornography is wrong in the society. Importantly, since pornography is morally objectionable in the society, there should be laws to restrict it. This is because whenever something is defined as obscene, there must be laws to restrict it as value judgment has already been made.