Responsibility of an Artist


What do you think the responsibility of the artist is to his/her time? Must an artist articulate a political point of view? When does art slip over into propaganda? Can propaganda be artistic? Are there limits to the kinds of political engagement an artist should pursue? Or should an artist altogether avoid politics and direct commentary on the “issues of the day”?

As an exercise, replace the word “artist” with the word “student.”

These are some of the questions you should consider as you describe what you consider to be the responsibility of the artist and of the student.
(since English wasn’t my native language, please write this essay avoiding the use of difficult words and try to make it simple)


An artist bears great responsibility not only to him or herself but to his or her audience. Artist work may be geared towards profit gains but they are not motivated by profit gains. They are an expression of artist’s view of the time and events that are taking place in the society. There is little debate on the role and responsibilities of an artist because they have great responsibilities.  They have to pass on the information to the people but in a way that require a higher level of thinking and in a way that does not attract controversy. It has been said that artists are the only people who can help the world to understand the incomprehensible. They present their ideas in a way that is not only amusing but helps the audience to understand something they would not have understood when expressed normally. However, there is a great debate on the relationship between artists and politics. Politics occupy the center stage of life which means that people are likely to be attracted to political messages since that is what dictates their life. There is no limitation to which artists can go to expresses their political message.