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This assessment item:
• is a school based activity
• is an individual activity
• does not include a self assessment activity
Title: Essay
Type: Assignment – Practice-based Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Due Date:
22 Sep 16 10:00
Weight: 30%
Marked out of: 30
Task Description:
The specific topic will be made available on learning@griffith.
Criteria & Marking:
The report is 1500 words excluding the reference list.
Your in-text citations and reference list for your report should be consistent. I prefer the Harvard citation method and for reference lists. Information
on the Harvard referencing style is available on the course website – the GBS resources bank.
The report must be written in full sentences -but you may use dot points and headings.
1. Introduction: a succinct outline of the aims, purpose and structure of the paper and short summary of conclusions reached. An introduction in
reports of this length is usually only one or two paragraphs. Your introduction must also include your argument and three points supporting/
justifying your argument.
2. The analysis. The analysis is the main part of the report The social sciences technique of analysing involves more than just describing what
happened. In this course, it is used to explain why events occurred, and suggest implications of the events. The purpose of conceptual
literature generally in the social sciences is broadly twofold: to predict and/or explain. The analysis in the report must use the negotiation
conceptual literature. Rely on your own opinions, but you must support them by referring to the literature.
3. Conclusion: a paragraph which sums up your principal conclusions in the paper.
A minimum of 10 academic references are required for this report to enable a possible pass of this essay. You can refer to any other texts or
journal articles (web or text based). Websites which are not peer reviewed can only be used for illustrative purposes and must be referenced and
cited but are not to be counted amongst the 10 academic sources. Please speak to your tutor if you are unclear about what constitutes an academic
reference or read the descriptions and definitions on the course website.
You must also attach copies of the email transcripts of the negotiation.
Students must submit by 10.00am via Turnitin on the Thursday of Week 9.
Submission: Turnitin


our group have three persons, which represents Excalibur Engine parts. The other group presents the Knights Engines. We should use the e-mail negotiation with the Knights Engines