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Weight: 25%
Total Marks: 100
Due time and date: 23.59AEDT, Sunday, 16 October 2016

Submission instructions:
1. Maximum word length: 2000 words.
2. Submit a soft copy in Word format via Turnitin (with an assignment cover sheet).
3. Assignments submitted by other means (e.g. email) or forms (scanned
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Case Study – Computers R Us

Computers R Us, a computer manufacturer and retailer has recently launched a
service and repair division, CompleteCare, for its portable/laptop/notebook
computers. This division promises to provide a rapid response to customer technical
enquiries and warranty repairs.

The CompleteCare division is however currently experiencing a shortage of trained
technical operators in its telephone centre. In addition the courier, contracted to
pick up and deliver customers’ machines to the repair centre, has been unreliable.
CompleteCare has also experienced parts availability problems for some machine
types. Recent phone logs at the Computers R Us call centre contain multiple
complaints about CompleteCare. It is unknown how representative these complaints
are, if they have a common cause and what implications they may have on the
satisfaction of Computers R Us customers.

To address these issues, the management of Computers R Us desires information on the
effectiveness of the CompleteCare division and its impact on customer satisfaction to
determine what could be done to improve the CompleteCare program.

Write a research proposal to address the problems faced by Computers R Us. You are
required to follow the following structure of the proposal:
 Problem statement/background (150 words): 5 marks
 Purpose of the research (100 words): 5 marks
 Research design, including the design of a questionnaire (600 words): 30 marks
 Sample design (750 words): 35 marks
 Data collection, processing and analysis (100 words): 5 marks
 Budget and timeline (100 words): 5 marks
 Dummy tables (100 words): 10 marks
 References (100 words): 5 marks
Note: Word count is a guide only.
Referencing style
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American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition. You can find helpful examples
of APA 6th ed. citation in pp 26-38 of the 2013 NBS Postgraduate Student Manual as
well as at

 GSBS6002 Weeks 1-5 Lecture Notes/Handout and workshop materials (available
on Blackboard).
 Business Research Methods (with Qualtrics Printed Access Card), 9th Edition
William G. Zikmund, Barry J. Babin, Jon C. Carr and Mitch Griffin


Computer R Us is a computer manufacturer and Retail Company which has newly set up a servicing and repair unit, Complete Care to foster its productivity. Complete Care is established to offer warranty repairs and attend to technical inquiries from the customers regarding their portable/laptop/notebook computers. The Complete Care unit focuses on providing rapid responses to consumers to ensure an utmost satisfaction on the use of its computers.  However, Complete Care faces immense challenges such as; shortage of trained technical staff to operate its telephone center, Unreliability of the courier contracted to deliver and pick up customers computers for repair and unavailability of spare parts for some of its machines which have become a hurdle to the operations of the Company. The company, therefore, is receiving multiple complaints on the low productivity and correspondence of this servicing division from the customers, a problem that this research paper seeks to unravel.