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People consume excessive alcohol due to different reasons and issues. According to Friel (2009) what and how much people consume in terms of alcohol is a response to their socio-political, socio-economic, socio-environment and socio-cultural environments. The research revealed that majority of people who are abusing alcohol in Australia are those with less money, less education, poor living conditions, job insecurity, and in most cases excluded from the mainstream society. In other words, socio-economic distance distribution leads to alcohol consumption behaviors. The author is of the opinion that the uneven socio-economic distribution leads to excessive alcohol consumption which in turn leads to alcohol related health problems and diseases. According to Friel (2009) the health related problems affecting that consuming excessive alcohol amounts is not only a problem to the victims but also affects to the entire society. Harmful alcohol consumption puts more burdens to the Australia’s health care system and is straining as a result.