Research and evaluation


Conduct a library search and select a research article from a professional counseling journal that employs statistical methods and concepts. Briefly describe the study and three statistical concepts that you think are important in the article. Provide a rationale for selecting the identified statistical concepts.
Analyze the statistical method used in the article and explain its appropriateness for counseling research and program evaluation.
Explain any ethical, legal, and socio-cultural considerations that may be relevant for the statistical analysis or interpretation of the statistics.

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are required to provide a reference list and to appropriately cite, in APA style, all references used within your assignment.


It was an experimental study that focused on theoretical and experimental work. It was a longitudinal study that was carried out in France. The study compared two samples who had taken competence assessment with another group, which was the control group, on different aspects like self-esteem, self-analysis, and the situation of the participants.  The researcher developed three hypotheses that were tested in the study.