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Question is What is Descartes’ “method of doubt”? How does this method lead to the “I think” as a starting point of philosophy? P1 Needs thesis in first sentence References: In parentheses, including page number (e.g. “The Ontological Proof,” 161). Use references after quotations and after paraphrasing a key point from the book. First paragraph: State your thesis and your method of proving your thesis. Body: Develop your argument, using the book as much as possible. Conclusion: Summarize your thesis and how you proved it. REFERENCES MUST BE PROVIDED FROM ″Discourse on the Method Book by René Descartes″

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In the discourse of life, it is always advisable to question the traditional settings and change them whenever they do not fit a certain narrative. This is the same approach that René Descartes uses in making people understand the need to have a different view of what previous scholars and books had instilled in us. In doing this, it makes the meaning of life seem reasonable, and it becomes easy to understand the perspectives that we may have ignored due to being taught through a system. The system that the society creates makes people live within certain confinements that are supposed to guarantee us a passage to be accepted later in when we are through with these institutions. But when a person looks at the past, the people who had made a difference including Rene Descartes were able to achieve significance by questioning the old order of doing things. Till we have a curious character which is born through the questioning of the normality of various situations will people be able to achieve their freedom. This freedom cannot be found inside the books or the mode of doing things that we have been accustomed to, but it can be found by going the extra mile through enquiring and filling the parts where there are no concrete answers. When it comes to creation, the narrative that is given should not be the end of our reasoning, because just like math and algebra there is another version which can be explained by another group of people.