Relationship Between Health Condition And Age,Gender,Employment


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The relationships between health conditions and age, gender, and employment have been discussed in deep by many scholars and academicians in health professional literature. In this case, children’s health condition is usually at risk especially if they are subjected to such sufferings like hunger, violence, early pregnancies, and substance abuse. This shows that one’s health may be determined by age. On the other hand, the old are more prone to diseases and other health problems since they may be not in a position to perform physical exercises making them even weaker. The youths have been indicated as being resistant to many diseases and adverse health conditions as they are energetic and are capable to performing physical activities and hence they stay health. This implies that age is an imperative aspect to address when looking at health conditions of human beings.  Health conditions are related to gender whereby there is a certain gender which is more prone to poor health conditions or disease attacks as compared to the other. Women or females are generally considered as weak and hence they are considered as being more prone to diseases as compared to men. This aspect is compounded by the aspect of age whereby the old especially the women are vulnerable to poor health conditions to a larger extent as compared to men who are old. Employment is an important factor to look at when addressing the issue of health conditions. This is because the poor and less educated people have higher chances of being affected by diseases than the rich and well educated since the former do not have adequate finances to access quality medical services.  The main purpose of this study is to research on the ways through which health conditions are affected by looking at relationships between health conditions and age, gender, and employment.