Registration of islam in the British urban landscape


I am only presenting the introduction and the first part of the presentation because it is the 3 of us in the group. So my part has to be about :
First wave of immigration, entire villages/ghettos, issue of communal-ism, local organization importing the model country of origin. I need sources and a single spaced presentation. As for the introduction i need a clear presentation of the topic and a clear PROBLEMATIC.


One of the major problems in Britain today is terrorism threat due to radicalization of Muslim youths. Britain is considered among the most multicultural societies, with a high number of Muslims.   Over the years, the population of Muslims in Britain has grown due to migration.  In exploring the factors that have led to this radicalization, scholars have identified the seclusion of Muslims in Britain as one of the major factors. The urban landscape shows that Muslims are confined into what can be termed as ghettos in the outskirts of main cities. Muslims lives in exclusive Muslims neighborhood that exists as close knit societies that feature among other characteristics high level of communalism. This makes Muslims communities to be secluded from the mainstream society making it difficult even for research to penetrate and gather crucial information regarding Muslims.  This pattern of settlement has been developed over the years since the first wave of migration of Muslims into Britain.