Reflective practice


Reflective practice exercise 3 (Week 10): Overall reflections of Company Law

Reflective practice exercise 3 (Week 10): Overall reflections of Company Law

You are now at a point in the Semester where your focus should be turning towards the final exam. Please review the work you have done in Week 1 through to Week 8 and start thinking about your study techniques, plans and strategies for Company Law. You also have time to take a step back from the Company Law course and think about how you can apply some of the lessons or learnings from this course to a variety of contexts or situations outside this course, including your employment, other courses studied at Griffith, future career plans.

1.Choose three (3) areas of knowledge from Weeks 5-8,  2106AFE Company Law that you have learned (e.g. directors’ and officers’ duties, disqualification, statutory derivative actions, corporate insolvency), and a skill that you have learned better (e.g. written legal problem-solving as it applies to these more complex problems). What exactly have you learned during Weeks 5-8 of 2106AFE Company Law that you did not know before?

2.How precisely did you learn this knowledge and skill?
How did this knowledge and skill relate to other concepts from Weeks 5-8 in 2106AFE Company Law ; other courses in your degree programme (eg. Company Accounting, Financial Accounting Theory, Corporate Finance, Banking Law and Finance); if you have a part-time or casual job, how did this knowledge or skill relate to that job; and how might you use this knowledge or skill in your future career?

3.What other things could you have done so far in 2106AFE Company Law to learn this knowledge and skill better?

4.What job do you see yourself doing in ten years‘ time? What knowledge and skills from Weeks 5-8 in 2106AFE Company Law could you use in that job?

5.What knowledge areas and skills have you learned best during the workshops in Weeks 5-8 in 2106AFE Company Law?

6.What have been your weakest areas (knowledge and skills) during these workshops in Weeks 5-8 in 2106AFE Company Law?  How might you improve in these weak areas before you complete your Final Exam?

Please make sure you read the instructions before completing this exercise Maximum 500 words (total).
Please record your reflection’s word count at the end of your submission.


For each reflective practice exercise (3 in total), you need to prepare three individual responses to the questions referred to in each reflective practice exercise.  Each individual response is to be recorded in Pebble Pad.