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reflective journal part a


This section Part A is to be completed before commencing the marketing project. It is based on a table of skills and capabilities for you to use in undertaking a self-rating exercise before you do your participation activity. You will choose any six (6) aspects of the graduate capabilities to concentrate on during the process.


  1. Read each of the statements in the table provided and rate yourself in the ”pre-activity self-rating” column as to how well you think you exhibit these capabilities. Use the rating scale provided below:

Rating scale : A (Excellent), B (Highly Effective), C (Effective), D (Needs improvement or Inconsistent), E (Unsatisfactory or untested). 


The ratings are intended to be your perception of your own capabilities. This perception should draw on your prior experiences, including your university or other studies, paid employment or volunteer work, and from sport, hobbies and other interests.


The self-assessment will not be graded, nor will it be shared with others in your class, though you will need to submit it as a record of the pre-activity self-assessment. It is anticipated that everyone will have some areas that “need improvement” or are “unsatisfactory”. When you revisit this list again after your participation activity, you may wish to revise some of these original ratings, either up or down – this is to be expected as you measure yourself against the requirements of the activity, supervisor’s expectations and remarks, and capabilities of co-workers. Self-assessment is an ongoing process and we are all revising our view of ourselves as we try new things.


It is certainly possible to rate yourself low or very low so as to show improvement whatever you learn from your activity. This approach will not, however, help you develop accurate self-assessment skills. Moreover, no marks are attached to the actual self-assessment, but will be given for your analysis and reflection at the end of the process.


  1. Choose six aspects of capabilities that you would like to target for your activity. These might be ones where you have rated yourself poorly, or that are particularly relevant to your future career aspirations, or ones that are related to your activity. Highlight these with an X in the column, labelled “target capability”.


  1. Save one copy for yourself (you will need it again after your activity) and submit one copy to your lecturer via Turnitin by the end of week 4, Sunday 26th Please save the file in the following format before submitting:


The exploration of my graduate capabilities has been a long process. A process of self-discovery includes a lot of self-questionings and evaluations. However, the process was made easier by the evaluation form attached in this reflection, through which I evaluated my different capabilities. As can be seen in the reflection table, there were some capabilities that I rated myself highly while in others, I felt there was a need to put more efforts to improve them. Overall, I can say felt I was competent after the first evaluation.