reflective journal | Group Assignment: on marketing Report


Group Marketing Project
Due: Weeks 12 – 13
Weighting: 45%
45% of Course Marks
• 15% – Oral Presentation made weeks 12-13 – Individual mark
• 30% – Final Group Written Report – Group mark
Overall Requirements:
Students are required to complete a recommended marketing strategy of the Client Partner
focusing on a particular marketing issue related to the organisation. Current concepts such as
Blue Ocean strategy will be used to formulate a strategic marketing solution for the client
partner’s posed issues, supported by other relevant marketing concepts and analytical tools.
• The analysis must demonstrate (a) group understanding of the issues that are facing the
industry with respect to growth and competition; and (b) a willingness to explore variant
strategies as developed in your overall marketing studies thus far; and (c) to be aware of
the ethical and social responsibility issues in the industry; and (d) at all times to develop
strategy within that industry using the application of the relevant frameworks discussed
in lectures.
• Note: Students will be required to complete a confidential assessment of their own
contribution as well as the contribution of other members of the group to the report and
presentation – a peer assessment.
Unit guide MKTG304 Marketing Project 6
Final Group Marketing Report (30%)
The final Group Marketing Report is due in week 12, with a hard copy to be submitted in your
tutorial class in Week 12, commencing October 26th, as well as a soft copy uploaded via iLearn
Turnitin Assignments by midnight the same day (note that your marked copy will be the hard
copy so any subsequent changes to the version you submit in the tutorial will not be considered).
A “Student Evaluation of Member Participation” to be submitted with the hard copy of the Final
Group Marketing Report. Complete details of the Final Group Marketing Report are available in
the course assignment guidelines as will be issued on iLearn.
Extensions/ Late Submission
As a group report it is unlikely that any circumstances would justify that the group would be
unable to submit on time, so an extension is unlikely to be granted.
Late submissions will be penalised 20% (3 marks) for each 24-hour period late. Submissions
made 72 hours or later after the submission deadline will receive a zero mark.



Optus is the second largest telecommunications corporation in Australia. The company has a total  revenue amounted to 8.9 billion in 2015. Optus provides communication services and products directly to individual, businesses, governments and other clients. Its product offerings cover mobile product, broadband, home line, cloud solution, TV, the Internet and satellite service. Why Optus could be all the time in a leading position? In this report, there are several aspects to analysis the marketing strategies of Optus .It can be divided in to five phases.