Reflective essay


The aim of the essay is to be able to refleact on the journal & choose a topic that would like to research further. The paper needs to be descriptive & reflective. The aim is not to present alot of factual informatoin on uour chosen topic but to be able to reflect on the topic. Paper needs to include such information as:
*How does it affect your practice of care as a nurse
* How wil it change the way you think about the care you provide
* What has been learnt on the topic & how will this provide a higher standard of care for your client
* What is the importance of research & reflection in nursing

The essay needs to be written as a professional academica paper with appropriate referencing,3 online and 3 from the textbook & harvard style.
*** Chosen Topic to reflect on:HLTEn509A Apply Legal and Ethical parameters to Nursing Practice.
N.B paper needed On the Saturday,29/03/2010, Please.


Nursing research on people with mental illness is quite challenging, especially on ethical and professional practices.  Unlike normal people, people with mental illnesses including those recovering from mental illnesses are vulnerable and working with them on research presents an ethical dilemma. Kovisto et al., (2001) discuss in greater details how ethical principles can be applied in nursing research with people who are recovering from mental illnesses.