Reflection of the College course General Physical science.


I need a paper reflecting the overall experience of the class general physical science. More specifically, the topics I liked and thought where interesting. This can include the periodic table, elements that interest me and etc… Thanks.

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The study of non-living materials in the college education is termed as physical science. Precisely, natural sciences for example physics, chemistry, and astronomy concerned with non-living materials are referred to as natural science. After being introduced to the subject course, I found many of its topics interesting and worth studying. The first topic that caught my interest in the course of studying physical science is the study of periodic tables. The table contains an arrangement of chemical elements in the order of their reactivity. Before joining college education I was disturbed by the question of why some metals reacted differently when subjected to heat or water. The described misery was solved after studying the characteristics of chemical elements as depicted in the periodic table. An additional reason why I found periodic table interesting is that through its study I learned why some elements are hard than others.