Reflaction about my course


SWRK 501: BB Ex. #3\ – What Are You Taking Out of This Class?
The Fall 2013 semester is drawing closely to the end in few weeks. What are you taking out of this class? In three to four pages, reflect on what you have learned or done in this class:
• Course topic(s); BB Exercise(s); DB activities; In-Class activities; Video; Assignments/Research project; etc.
How have these impacted on your knowledge, values, skills, etc., as a social worker?
How might you want to apply/implement what you’ve learned in your professional life?;
And your practice settings?

Apply the APA style for your in-text citing and list of references. Double space and use Microsoft word. Due date is 12/06/13 by 11:59 PM.



My text book is :

Lum, D. (2011). Culturally competent practice: A framework for understanding diverse groups and Justice issues (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole.

So, I learn about other cultures and traditions has no limits and the experience I have had in this class will continue by interacting with more cultures and gain more knowledge in interpersonal communication.


As the semester draws to a close, I can only reflect on the knowledge that I have gained from this course. According to Kearsley (2005) a personal reflection is important because it helps the student to know what they have learned and how to apply it.  It has been an interesting semester and this course has been not only one of the most interesting but also one of those I have come to like.  The course topics, exercise, DB activities, in-class activities, videos, and assignments/research projects have all been an integral part of what has made this course quite interesting. This is my reflection of the entire course, which looks into how the course has been, its advantages and disadvantages, and how I will apply the skills gained.