Rebecca Davis


Rebecca Harding Davis is one of the most influential authors of her time. To any this is only the introduction.

Rebecca Harding Davis did not grow up a hard life, but a standard life of the average American working middle class.  Rebecca Harding Davis grew up in the 1800’s in Washington, Pennsylvania (Encyclopedia Britannica).  “She studied at home with her mother until age 14” (Oakes).  At that time Davis enrolled into an all girls school, called ‘Washington Female Seminary’ (Oakes).  Rebecca Harding Davis set her mind to create something of herself and engrave stories into people’s minds about her experiences of growing up where she did.  “Graduating in 1848 class valedictorian” (Oakes). Rebecca Harding Davis had achieved her goal.


Rebecca Harding is considered as one of the most influential authors who wrote extensively on the social issues affecting the society.  Throughout her writing career, her work was published in different   publications and she also wrote different shorts stories which are considered some of the greatest works of literature.