Reasons Why Mencius Described the Human Nature as Good


This paper is about Chinese philosophy. Please choose a topic that list in the attachment. Please go through all the files I attached and strictly combine those information into essay.The contents in Chapter 2,3,9 of “a source book in Chinese Philosophy”, chapter 1-5, 7 of “a short history of Chinese Philosophy” should somehow quote or cite in the essay.


Chinese philosophy forms a part of numerousinteresting philosophical thoughts.  According to Yu-Lan, Chinese philosophy is of great influence to the historical and contemporary life of the Chinese people and others around the world (1). Tracing the foundation to Confucianism emphasizing self-cultivation and social order among other human responsibilities (Weiming 44), the Chinese philosophical tenets have been interpreted in different ways by philosophers ascribing to this school of thought. Confucius was the first teacher of Chinese philosophy (Yu-Lan 38). Confuscianism had a great impact on Chinese civilization, though molding humanistic tendencies (Chan 14).  One of the most contested philosophical tenets is the human nature.  The original postulation on human nature emanated from the conscious struggle to understand the origin of good and bad human nature.  Mencius, one of the most celebrated Chinese philosophers, postulated that human nature was good, and people were born with uprightness.  However, this was opposed by others like Xunzi, who argued that human nature was corrupted and needs training in life to straighten it. A critical analysis of the nature of this debate shows that Mencius appealed to the rulers’ consciousness and that of the citizens to make them reconsider the nature of humans:  he stated that the evil was perpetrated in the society because people did not put enough effort to outwardly display their goodness.