President Reagan Terminates 12000 Air Traffic Controllers


What’s your analysis of the situation leading up to President Reagan’s decision to terminate the 12,000 striking air traffic controllers in the HBR case “The Air Traffic Controllers”? Discuss: power issues, goals, assessment, strategies and tactics of both sides.


The decision by President Reagan to terminate the service of 12000 striking traffic controllers  in this case study was informed by the power of the  PATCO and the desire of the worker’s union body to hold the country are ransom.  PATCO had just realized its power as a representative of the air traffic controllers and banked on its membership’s control of the country’s air traffic to force the government to the negotiating table. President Reagan Terminates 12000 Air Traffic Controllers. The FAA, the government body that was negotiating with PATCO realized that the negotiations would not realize any progress unless there was a radical step that was taken by the government. Reagan Terminates 12000 Air Traffic Controllers