Reading Analysis | The political and economic landscape of Burma since 1948


Reading Memo Requirement


  • Whatarethebigpointsor contributions of the readings? How is the reading structured? What are the arguments? And so forth. I would expect that you could do this in a paragraph, two at the most. When there are multiple readings the summary should include all of the readings but #2 and #3 below can focus on just one of the readings.
  • Up to two points for explaining the significance of the reading and linking it back to previous readings/discussions. How does the reading add to the debates discussed in class or in other readings? Does the reading agree or disagree with previous authors? How? This is the meat of the paper and may take a few paragraphs.
  • Uptoonepointforcontributinganinsight,question,orcommentonthe readings. This question is not one meant to “stump the class,” but rather something you are wrestling with or wonder. Or, it might be an insight into how the reading is critical or makes a major contribution, etc. Finally, you might also offer a critique of the reading. This should only take a paragraph, although you might write more if you have to explain why a contribution is especially significant.

They should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1- inch margins all around




The first document talks about the political and economic landscape of Burma since 1948. Before 1948, there was a democratic government in the country until in 1962 when a military coup ended the democratic rule and established an authoritarian regime in the world. The economy that was flourishing took a down turn during this period due to the policies that the regime adopted making living conditions very poor. The election of a new civilian government in 2010 led to the crafting of effective formulae to reform the country. The article by Pierre explains about the contradictions of Vietnam. One of them involves the outlook of a vibrant economy by the look of the streets of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City while the economy was doing very poorly leading to the disappearance of foreign investors.