Quality Issue Paper


Discuss a PERSONAL healthcare consumer related experience. For my purpose please use an un-named Drug and Alcohol Rehab center. Please include a) Describe the event.
b) What distinguishes quality care/service to you?
c) Did this experience meet your expectations?
d) If yes, why?
e) If no, then from your perspective, what should have happened?


I was an alcoholic for two years and I had given up all hope for being sober ever again. That is when I made up my mind to drink myself to death. I blamed everyone for my drinking problem and I even contemplated suicide. I believed that nothing would save me from this problem apart from death. That is when my parents decided to take me to a drug and alcohol rehab center in the city.  The experience that I attained on my first visit to a rehab center is one that I will never forget. I regret up to this day why I had to go there. The nurses at the center treated us like little children and this was very annoying. The help that they said they were giving us was not help at all but it was some dump and pointless advice. Their first impression when they welcomed me was nice, friendly and warm. And at first I saw hope and recovery. But after staying there for three days, I knew that all this was some kind of good public relations.