Quality Enhancement in the Hospitality Industry


You are required to prepare an in-class presentation of several articles within the class reader of this course.
The presentation must be between 20 and 25 minutes long, by using the powerpoint slides (class handouts of slides or other written material can be provided, however). The presentation must include the following elements:

a. Brief summary of your research and its context, with special reference to the
topic in question (Empowerment, Service Quality, HRM etc.)
b. Critical review of the arguments made in your research with reference to
concepts relevant to a) the issues of quality b) other case studies within the
same theoretical field or industry.
c. Conclusions on the lessons learned from your research and its relevance to
the issue in question.
d. List of references used for the development of the presentation. (to be
provided in written form to the lecturer before the beginning of the
Ensure that the presentation is comprehensible to your audience.


The concept of quality management in hospitality industry is very important.  The hospitality industry is one of the most important industries in the world that has been growing at unprecedented rate owing to the increased rate of globalization.  The increased activities in tourism industry and increased international trade are among the factors that have led to increased growth of the hospitality industry.  There has been increased trend towards standardization of services in the hospitality industry and this is being driven by the need for enhancement of quality of services. As the level of competition increase in the industry, the competitive advantage has been created through provision of high quality services.  In order to understand the trend in enhancement of quality of services in the industry, this paper will review a number of studies on the subject.