qualitative report | Qualitative Study of the Factors That Influence Young Adults Decisions to Travel to a Tourist Destination



2230HSL Interpreting Tourism Management Information

ASSIGNMENT 1: Qualitative Study of the factors that influence young adults decisions to travel to a
tourist destination?
Due Date: Friday, 7th April, 2017, 10am.
Assignment Weighting: 30% of total course marks
Assignment Marks: (Total 30)
1. Presentation of results and drawing conclusions – style of results, structure of results, appropriateness
of conclusions.
2. Overall – structure of report, overall presentation, clarity of expression, literature review,
Assignment Task
Students are required to conduct a study to find out why a specific group decide to travel. This semester the
focus is on young adults and their decisions to travel to a tourist destination. The full dataset for the study is
available on learning@griffith, in the assessment folder under Assignment 2.
In the qualitative report, students will:
– examine the responses of young adults in regard to the factors that influence their decisions to travel
to a tourist destination .
– analyse the responses to understand what factors influence the participant’s decisions to travel to a
tourist destination.

Report Format
Title Page
Content headings
1 page reference list
In total the report must not exceed 2000 words max (excluding the reference list).
Students must present the report in Times New Roman, font size 12. All students must use 1.5 line

Objectives and Research Questions
Students are required to clearly articulate key literature sources explaining the factors that influence young
people to participate in tourism activities. This must include a literature review of relevant and credible
sources that explore the constraints that people face in participating in tourism activities; and more
specifically, what factors influence young adults decisions to travel to a tourist destination? The
literature review should be between 350-500 words long and draw on a minimum of 3 journal articles to
support the arguments and points made. Students should clearly list the research questions that your analysis


The continued growth of the tourism and leisure industry has created a variety of tourist destinations. When a consumer wants go to for a holiday, the choice of the destination to go may be a challenge given the variety on offer (Nejati & Mohamed, 2014). However, a customer will consider different factors before settling on the final destination. The main aim of this study is explore the factors that influence young adults’ choice of a tourist destination.