public relations report


Introduction to Public Relations (1510LHS)

Assessment four – Public Relations Campaign (Written Report)

Due Date : Week 13 17:00 Friday 28 October
Length : 2000 words (+/- ten percent)
Weight : 40%
Presentation : 12 font, 1.5/double line spacing, page numbering, headings and subheadings
Submission : Include a Griffith University assignment cover sheet and submit via Turnitin

Link can be found under the Assessment tab on L@G in the
Assessment Four – 2000 Word Individual PR Plan folder

 Six references, three peer-reviewed. In-text referencing required
 Harvard Referencing Style (author, date, page number)
 Use Griffith University School of Humanities Referencing Guide

This is an individual assignment.
For the same client, and using the group tutorial presentation (including feedback from the
tutor) write a report based on a PR ten-point plan. This involves practical application of key
areas in public relations and academically justifying decision made for the campaign.
This is a report, include all the headings in the ten-point plan. Place details in the tactics
section, including communication mediums. Use each tactic as a sub heading. For
Media Release
Prepare a media release on the angle of elderly people using widgets to keep fit. Email
the release to the Redland Bay Times (deadline Tuesday 5pm). Ensure Daisy Duke
available for an interview. Daisy Duke playing with the widgets will be a photo
Use the PR campaign written report checklist and marking criteria as a guide to ensure all
section are addressed.
For additional assistance and guiding information please see week two lecture notes.
Include a title page and table of content.

Submit your assignment (including a cover sheet which clearly identifies your

tutor) via Turnitin.

Ten-point plan headings

Executive Summary

Situation Analysis and research (SWOT)

Target public/s

Goals (S.M.A.R.T)

Objectives (S.M.A.R.T)


Key/main Message/s

Tactics (bulk of the 10-point plan, include Gantt chart)


Monitoring and Evaluation

Reference list


Greyhounds are dogs like other pets kept in homes. However, they have been mistreated and are mostly killed if they cannot run. To end this cruelty, Animal Australia has come up with a public relations campaign dubbed “End of Greyhound, life begins” to urge people to adopt greyhounds in NSW and Australia.

This report provides an analysis of the above mentioned public relations campaigns. In situation analysis and research background information on the problem and the factors facing Animal Australia is given using a SWOT analysis. The target public is analyzed next where the primary public is identified as the individuals who love to keep dogs in NSW. The main goal of the campaign is to enhance adoption of greyhounds and to reduce the number of abandoned greyhound puppies by 10% by 2017.