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2509LHS – Media, Politics & Public Opinion
Essay topics: 35% – Due Friday Week 10

Write 2,000 words, in clear scholarly prose, and essay – with a cover page, introduction
(containing a clearly identifiable argument), body, conclusion and reference list – on one of
the following topics. Use in-text references (Harvard or APA style) generously.
NB: You must not write an essay on the same topic as your oral presentation.
1. What are the key national identities with whom Australians have traditionally identified?
How does ‘real’ Australia differ from these myths?


Australia has over time continued to experience economic upheavals as the political situation keep deteriorating in the face of poor party politics. The need for a co-ordinated political re-alignment has continued to grow as independent parties continue to mushroom every general election. It is a situation that has thrown the Australian political environment into disarray as major political parties strive to gain relevance in the shrinking political space. Major parties have lost their voice as smaller parties appeal to the public and the voters through their ideologies. Despite winning the premiership, major political parties lack the backing to institute amendments that are required to steer on Australia ailing economy. This political crisis is not only affecting Australia as a nation but also its citizens as they struggle to make amends meet. Constructive amendments need to be formulated, however, these amendments require more than just the premiership post. They require wholesome review of those policies that affect the day-to-day running of the Australian government. The existing political crisis is a fundamental problem that requires political, social, and individualized efforts for Australia to be able to grow economically and the political scene to stabilize.