Psychological Foundations of Learning


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Teaching encompasses imparting knowledge. It is an integral process of learning that can only be understood in realm of learning. Learning is a relative term that may prove difficult to define. Many people define learning in terms of gaining academic knowledge but in actual sense, learning means more than acquiring academic knowledge ( Learning is a life long process that starts at infancy and continues to the end of life. Every day in life we learn new things that changes our way of doing things and the way we perceive things. According to Hostetler (2005) learning is a process that is geared towards common good. Learning should not be perceived in term of academic excellence but in terms of how it prepares a person to become useful in the society. Hostetler (2003) acknowledges that the goal of public education is to make sure the society is made up of uprights individuals who can co-exist with other members of the society.  He creates a connection between public education, social capital and governance of the society.