psychological contract and the well being of an employee


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concluding discussion
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Globalization and market liberalization has opened up new business opportunities and increased competition to the already thriving businesses. Companies across the world are competing for customers thus giving customers a chance of selecting the most appropriate company. Organizations have used the element of employees as a competitive advantage where a company with highly satisfied and motivated employees performs better than one where employees are disgruntled (David, Kerstin & Hans 2010, p. 4). Basically, job flexibility is used by companies as among the ways of adapting to the international competition. Employees may be employed permanently or temporary depending on the nature of duties to be executed and the resources of a company (Bardasi & Francesconi 2004, p. 1671). However, temporary employment is mainly concerned with the fluctuation of some employees who do not belong to an organization thus it is a form of numerical flexibility. Successful companies are those that are able to effective manage their human resources because employees are regarded as important assets in an organization (Conway & Briner 2002, p. 279).