Topic: A new bill has been proposed that would legalize prostitution in your local county. You have been asked to voice your opinion at a town hall meeting on this subject. You must pick one side. What would you say? Would you support it or opposite it? Explain your position. Keep in mind that keeping prostitution illegal will not decrease the number of people who go to prostitute.


Prostitution is the act of offering sexual services to an individual in exchange for goods, services or money. Worldwide, prostitution generates more than $100 billion in revenue per year. The practices of prostitution vary greatly from one country to another. In some countries prostitution is legal; however, the practice is considered a very serious crime that is punishable by death in some countries. Today in the United States, the practice is illegal except a few jurisdictions in Nevada State (Weitzer 7). Some people believe that legalizing the sex industry would provide many benefits, while there are others who have identified numerous negatives of a legalized prostitution.