Promotion of Correction officers


Assignment #1:
Prepare a reaction paper of approximately 1000 words on Chapter 1,
addressing the specific definition of terms found in the chapter, to
wit: personnel administration, etc., and describe the fields of
administration and the differences between the private and public
Assignment #2 :
Prepare a reaction paper of approximately 1000 words on Chapter 2,
addressing the specific definition of terms found in the chapter,
specifically the Civil Service reform Act and the Spoils versus
merit System.
Assignment #3:
Prepare a reaction paper of approximately 1000 words on Chapter 3,
synthesizing the key sections of the chapter.
Assignment #4:
(500 words) The two case Studies in Chapter 4 identify two most
controversial personnel issues, namely: performance pay standards
and off-the-job conduct. Having read and synthesized this chapter
and the aforementioned exercises, it is now possible to discuss your
views and responses with other LT members.
Assignment #5:
Prepare a personal reflection paper of approximately 500 words each
for the exercises 1 & 2 – Case Studies from Chapter 4: In developing
this personal reflection paper, give due consideration to the
ethical analysis provided by the author and also correlate and
express these concepts with your individual positions on the
specific selected issue.
Assignment #6:
The final report (200 Words) paper on a Personnel Administration
topic of your choice. You will expect to identify and discuss a
specific issue, case or policy in your current profession and/or
organization. (law enforcement) .
• Book: Required Texts: Bluhm, W. and Heinemann, R. (2007). Ethics
and Public Policy, Cambridge. Upper Saddle River, NJ. Prentice Hall.
ISBN: 978-013-189-343-6
Assignment #1
Prepare a reaction paper of approximately 500 words on Chapters
1-2-3 addressing the specific definition of terms found in all three
chapters, to wit: moral, ethical, judgement; the strengths and
weaknesses of the three ethical analysis methods:
Utilitarianism, Kantianism, Pragmatism, and the Core values in
American Society.
Assignment #2:
Prepare a reaction paper of approximately 500 words on Chapter 4
addressing the specific definition of terms found in the chapter,
with an emphasis on Prudent Pragmatism. Analyze and synthesize Case
Ethics in a Monist and Pluralist Society including fusion, morality,
casuistry, and consensus.
Assignment #3:
Prepare a reaction paper of approximately 500 words on Chapter 5,,
outlining and comparing Prudent Pragmatism and Democratic Policy
reflecting on; citizenship, representation and Deliberative
Assignment #4:
Prepare a personal reflection paper of approximately 500 words on
one of the two Case Studies from Chapters 6: Second Hand Smoke (page
82) or Prescription Drugs and Medicare (page 94). In developing this
personal reflection paper, give due consideration to the ethical
analysis provided by the author and also correlate and express these
concepts with your individual positions on the specific selected
Assignment #5:
The two case Studies in Chapter 6 identify a most controversial
issue in our nation today – Health Care and Prescription Drugs. It
also addresses the need for further clarification concerning Policy
as well as the historical and philosophical impact factors. Having
read and synthesized your selected case study, it is now possible to
discuss your concept versus other LT members.


One of the most important engagements of any human resource department in an organization is promotion and career progression of the staff.  The human resource department ensures that workers are appropriately apprised of their skills at the entry level and remarkable progression henceforth is well documented to enable in the career growth of the employees. Promotion does not only entail giving an employee a  higher level of job that previously occupied but it also include others benefits like improved working conditions and better remuneration (Frederiksen&Takats, 2011).