The case study answer must be typed (11 font Arial, 1.5 spacing), must include an Executive Summary and must be no more than 1500 words (including the Executive Summary but excluding references and appendices) – Cases over this size will incur a penalty of 10% for every 10% over the word count.The Case Study Analysis is expected to provide an informed and robust answer to the discussion questions. It may be found that some of the material presented in the case is outdated, hence you are expected to find and bring in material from outside the case. It is suggested that you find the most recent and up-to-date information possible as well as read material around the case to ensure you do not provide answers that have already been done in real life. A succinct and high quality analysis is expected. A case study example will be discussed during class two weeks prior to the case study submission. Students are encouraged to read and prepare for the case study example as this will assist them in preparing for the case study submission. Case Study Analysis Promoting an Alternative to the Smartphone (available on Blackboard) Answer ALL Discussion Questions


This paper looks at the introduction of a new smartphone in the market. The report finds that the current market is dominated by premium brands that are sold at a premium price and not many people can afford. The reports target the segment of the Australian market that is does not own a smartphone phone or those who had and want to replace. This include young adults without  enough financial strength to buy premium brands, males aged 45-65 years who may need a smartphone but want less complicated phones, and those who already own a phone but want to replace it. The report also finds that the marketing campaign should craft a message that will inform the consumers of the advantages of buying the phone. Lastly, it also finds that retailers will play an important role in the informing the customers about the new product hence they should be integrated in the marketing campaign.