project management


see the attached


Executive summary

  • Summary of the company, the country you want to enter, entry mode & the strategy to be successful in the country


  • Brief background of the company (you have selected)
  • Reason behind selecting this company
  • Rationale behind this company going into international market (or one more country besides its existing international operations)
  • Brief assessment of the attractiveness of host country (country you plan to enter)
  • Detailed Analysis of external environment of host country
  • Evaluate the economic, political, legal, socio-cultural opportunities and challenges
  • Detailed Analysis of the industry you are entering in the host country (You may use Michael Porter’s five forces framework industry) Critique of Porter!

Detailed Analysis of the resources & capabilities (internal environment) of the company

  • Evaluate the company’s resources and capabilities
  • What are the resources and capabilities that makes the company compete successfully in the industry in home country and around the world (if it is doing business in any other part of the world)
  • Does the company require resources and capabilities which it can obtain by entering into the country of your choice?