profile essay; one′s interaction with a subject that could be anything


Write a lively and engaging profile (aprox1000-1200 words). You may choose to write a profile of a person, a place, an object, an idea – options abound! The most important thing is that your subject be interesting to you. Your reader will feel your enthusiasm for your subject! Remember that a profile should be a dynamic negotiation between you and your subject. Your voice, your opinion, your transparency about the development of your thought, are as central to the Profile as your choice of subject. Here are the qualities of a Profile as listed in the Norton: 1. Interesting Subject 2. Context 3. Angle (your voice!) 4. First-hand Account 5. Details (i.e. desсrіptive language) Make sure your profile includes these elements. In addition, you will build layers of complexity into your profile as your exploration of your subject progresses. As we saw in both the Foster-Wallace and the Montgomery examples (discussed at length in class), rather than positing one monolithic argument, your profile will develop through a series of questions / interpretative problems / observations / and/or reflections. A solid structure for building layers of complexity into your piece is as follows Question. Reflection/Context è leading to New Question/Observation Reflection/Context è leading to New Question/Observation Reflection/Context è etc. This is the same structure used by both “Speed” Levitch and Sy Montgomery. It’s one that we’ve talked about at length. It’s one that works! Of course, if your profile ends up taking a different shape, feel free to modify this structure in whatever way suits your subject. Finally, you want your profile to open with a compelling introduction that is rich with desсrіption and poses your initial questions about your subject AND, in your conclusion, you want to leave the reader with deeper questions that they will carry with them long past the reading of your piece. Have fun with the assignment! Try to allow your questions and observations to lead you somewhere unexpected.

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Life may be full of challenges and difficulties if one does not have someone who is trustable. Thus having an understanding father is not something to take for granted. My father is a man who has endured a lot from his early days up to now. I always have my father’s advice to support me in whatever I do. He is very calm and analytical and looks at things from every angle. “Actions speak louder than words” was one of my dad favorite’s sayings even though he had many more others and he always referred to it in many times. I believe he was a nice man and I always loved listening to him and being close to him as he enlightened me a lot using the sayings. He is a very honored and proud gentleman with great ethics, and he used to serve the nation in the Vietnam War in the Marine core. My father was a type of gentleman where one did not have to imagine how he felt as he never used to hide his feelings and he was more than happy to let someone know what he thinks.