Professional Project | Impact of Social Media Marketing in Promoting Brand Awareness


Assessment item 1 — Business Project Plan
Due date: Friday Week 3; 9PM AEST
Weighting: 20%
Length: 1,000 words
TASK Assessment 1: Project plan
The project plan aims to ensure you have an appropriate, achievable business project and sets down the key milestones that must be achieved within the term. You will be working with another member of this course.
Your plan should include:
Proposal Working Title – Provide a short descriptive title
Project Description – provide aims and background to the research (brief introduction to the literature in the area)
The significance (locally, nationally and/or potentially internationally or in terms of theory development or application to a problem)
Research questions
A Gantt chart and assessment milestones.
Team charter


Marketing is one of the most crucial elements in the business world. It involves the packaging of information in the right manner for the creation of awareness among the masses who later become customers. Over the years, organizations have used the mass media like TV and newspapers to communicate information about brands, products and services (Dateling, & Bick, 2013). However, the technological advancements that have been occurring worldwide have revolutionized the way companies advertise and market their products. The emergence of social media is altering the manner in which message is passed across the populations in the globe.  The increased utilization of social networking platforms is altering the methods in which organizations react to customers’ desires and enhancing the chances for companies to promote their products and services in a way that is personalized.