Professional Issues Discussion


Discuss the HR professional issues of:
o Why is HR important?
o How should HR interact with the organization?
o Where should it be organizationally?


HR is important in any organization.  It is the company’s main human resource multiplier. HR is perhaps the most important in any organization because it affects the basic production capacity of an organization.  HR functions must be conducted for every company because HR touches on the core operations of an organization.  The human resource literature has shown that organizations that invest in HR gain a competitive edge that cannot be replicated by the competing organizations.   This is because human resource is the most important asset for an organization and gives the organization a competitive edge more than other assets. HR basically involves all the activities that are taken by an organization to attract, develop, and retain quality employees. This means that HR is important for the continuation of the organization because employees ensure day to day running of an organization. As has been discussed above, HR is important because it ensures the competitiveness of the organization. A competitive organization must attract qualified employees, provided an enabling environment for their productivity, and have a good package to retain them. It does not only involve hiring employees but also motivating them to increase their productivity and to retain them.  HR also manages disputes and develops public relations because employees are the face of an organization.