Procter & Gamble company


Please I need all the references from internet ( eBooks-Articles- Websites- or any information) because I have to print all the references and bring them to my teacher.
Procter & Gamble company
• Background
• Industry background
• Strategy
• Market trend
• Marketing development
• Competition
• Marketing and sales program
• Distribution
• Customer
• Sales-Advertising-promotin
• Products and pricing
• Market share
• Three or four charts with explanation for example total sales growth- Market share-or anything that is important in this case study.


Procter & Gamble is the largest company in consumer care segment.  The company has more than 171 years of existence and has diversified products and services.  The company has acquired different companies to become the largest consumer care company in the world. This report will look into Procter and Gamble and how it has performed in the industry. The following are the main objectives of this report:

  1. To understand history of Proctor and Gamble
  2. To understand the business strategy that has been used by the company in the market
  • To understand marketing strategies employed by the company
  1. To make recommendations for future growth