problem solving report | Analysis of Volkswagen Scandal


Report format

1.Executive summary


3.Review of the Problem

4.Analysis of the Problem

5.Recommendations for Volkswagen and your Conclusions

6.we only concern on one strategy(choose any one of 4 pathway, and one solution!!!)

The purpose of the report is to deliver a strategy that outlines a solution for Volkswagen.

From your review and evaluation of this case study you critically analyse the management problem that Volkswagen has, by applying one of the four theoretical lenses/pathways/approaches below:

Once you have chosen a pathway for your analysis and discussion of the problem you should continue with it. You can use the week 8 creative synthesis to decide which pathway to chose.[1]

The pathways are as follows:

1.Strategy  – The highest level strategy.  Strategy is setting the direction for the organisation and asking people in the corporation to come up with a plan. In this part of the scenario you’ll be asked to set the concept for the business you’ll have 5 to 6 sessions where which will be released on L@G.  In these sessions you will be given problems to solve. Your report will discuss what problems you solved and what the direction is for the future for Volkswagen.

2.Processes – Processes are the structure of the organisation. Should you choose this pathway you’ll come across many complicated process problems. As in the example above in strategy, processes will give you 5 to 6 different problems to solve. You will solve those problems and you will discuss a way forward for the Volkswagen in Australia.

3.Organisational Behaviour – organisational behaviour rules and processes and psychology of organisational workflow.  This organisation may have a people problem. If the organisation has a people problem, your job will be to go through each one of the scenarios as presented each week and to solve that problem you will analyse the people problem and your present away forward for the Volkswagen in Australia.

4.CSR/Ethics – corporate and social responsibility and ethics.  In this scenario you’ll be given 5 to 6 different problems to solve involving corporate social responsibility and ethics.  We will ask you to solve those problems, analyse them and look for the root cause. Then we will ask you to present a CSR/ethical strategy moving forward for Volkswagen.


In the recent past, Volkswagen has faced myriad of cases in different countries for faulty aspects in their vehicles (Burki, 2015). One of the recent cases is where the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are accusing the company of flouting the Australian Consumer Law on emissions from their diesel cars. This is not the first time that the company is facing accusations on emissions as such allegations have been raised in the US. This report will provide a review of the problem facing Volkswagen to understand it better. The case will be analyzed on the basis of corporate social responsibility and ethics to help in offering some recommendations for the company.