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Must have a works cited page not including the 6 pages. Must take a position on a topic and argue for it.minimum 10 sources, 3 must be print sources.1 to 1 correlation between Works Cited sources and sources parenthetically cited in paper.

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The beginning of new life starts during conception whereby a fetus has a heartbeat at the age of 18 days during gestation (Catalano, Patrick and Kartik Shankar 281). Once the fetus gets a heartbeat, it is considered as a life of a human being and as such, terminating that life should be treated as murder. The life of every human being is supposed to be considered significant and the worth of forming and bringing up a child should not only be praised but also considered sacred. There are associations which like Planned Parenthood which encourage women to procure an abortion in case they feel that “they don’t want it” whereas there are many women in the world who struggle with infertility on a daily basis and would wish to get children of their own instead of having to adopt. The pregnancies that are terminated because of reasons which are selfish could lead a life that is selfish and fulfilled in case they were to be carried up to the end of their term and later put up for purposes of adoption.