Pro California proposition 2

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Ladies and Gentlemen I’m delighted to note that most Californian are supporting the proposed implementation of the law that will forbid certain of your farm animals from being limited, confined, and restricted in such a manner that they are not capable of standing up, stretching out, or turning around. Today I am here to emphasize you to the importance of supporting this moderate but reasonable reform in the animal Agriculture. By supporting the implementation of this proposal you will be protecting not only the animals, but consumers, family farmers and our surroundings as well. Denying these animals space to stretch out their limbs or even turn around is wrong, cruel, and gross violation of animal rights as clearly stipulated by California Veterinary Medical Association. It is very crucial and important, that some of you who are against the proposed implementation, to substantially reverse you decisions and support the compassion of domestic animals. I want to thank the California Veterinary Medical Association, Center for Food Safety, Human Society of the United States, and Consumer Federation of America for their amicable support for this proposal.