Privatizing Education in the US


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In the recent past the concept of privatization of education has gained root. Although Americans have freedom to choose between different forms of education including private school, charter school, public schools, and others, the drives towards privatization of public school defy this (The Heritage Foundation).  This is a political movement that has been calling for reforms in the education sector based on the logic of market based reforms that brings business strategies in production of public education.  The call for privatization of education is enclosed on the concepts of market place values like outsourcing, limited government control, competition, choice, and others which are likely to make education sector competitive and profit driven.  The whole idea is built on the foundation of government contracting and vouchers.  The idea of privatizing education is grounded on research findings which shows that higher academic achievements in higher education is based on lower level of government bureaucracy.  The drive towards privatization has also been accelerated by critical problems that are facing the education sector in the country which never fades away (Ball 46).  Poor labor relations between teachers and the government, deteriorating facilities, and other social factors are making it necessary for radical reforms in the sector and these reforms are packaged in privatization of education.  For most people, it has been established that public schools have become the last resort for those who cannot afford to take their children to private schools.   This is because private schools have shown consistent higher performance compared to public schools convincing most people that private schools offer best education and this should be the way for the public schools to go. However, the issue of privatization of education comes with different advantages and disadvantages. It may not be as easy as most people perceives considering  the fact that government schools handles millions of students while private schools handles  fewer children making it possible to provide student centered education. Although privatizing education promise improved management, it comes with many disadvantages and therefore it is an idea that should be carefully scrutinized before implementation.