Prayer In Islam


I want a thesis statement and outline of the main points that you will make to argue that thesis. Your thesis statement will appear at the top of the first page and the outline will follow.
The important first step of your paper is developing a thesis (an argument) out of your topic. Your thesis doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, but it does have to be a clear, arguable claim about a set of texts. A thesis answers the following question: What is the one point that you are going to argue in this paper?
Developing an Outline:
The outline itself can take many different organizational forms depending upon how you think and write, but should work in the following manner. After you develop your thesis, you need to develop sub-points (or smaller arguments that will establish the thesis) in consultation with the relevant texts. You should have 8–12 of these. They should be organized in some fashion (i.e. by topic, by importance, by strength…etc.) and underneath them should be various explanatory notes and textual references that support them.
Page 53-57
2. “Does My Head Look Big In This?” Randa Abdel-Fattah



This part will consist of a short explanation and justification of the five compulsory steps before entering to prayers among Muslims. In the introduction section, the fundamental requirements for Muslims while offering such prayers will be brought into focus as well.


Taharah is the first step before entering the prayer session in the Islamic religion which is associated with purification (Abdel-Fattah 250). This section will discuss the various steps and procedures associated with this kind of prayers among the Muslims. The significance of Taharah Muslims will as well be brought into focus in this section.