Practicing Sustainable Business (Ref: Yildiz)


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As the world moves towards globalization, the call for inclusion is seen as the Holy Grail for fair integration. In pursuit of the acceptance of diversity, the demand for inclusion through affirmative action   has gained momentum.  Most organizations however are left in a catchy situation because they have to sacrifice merit in order to pursue affirmative actions.  In an era where business organization has come under close scrutiny for their action, they have taken diversity as a key facet of their ethical operations (Crane & Matten, 2010).  Most business organizations want to appear as ethical as possible and in pursuit recruit to meet diversity needs rather than on the basis of merit. They end up with a workforce that meets diversity but short of meeting the skills set need for the organization. The school of thought that an organization will appear ethical only if it meets the diversity needs of the society is obsolete in face of contemporary organizational effectiveness body of literature.  Organizations should therefore recruit on the basis of merit and not under the guide of strive to meet diversity (Jeremy, 2004). However, business organization must also not pursue systematic discrimination under the guise of hiring the right skill set. The best act will be sticking a delicate balance between meeting the organization’s workforce needs and at the same time ensure there is inclusion in the workforce.