Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In the Military


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Maintaining control of one’s life despite of the trauma is referred as recovery. Individuals who are at risk or have been identified as suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are mainly helped by the recovery model. Chiu et al. (2010) define health recovery as a process of healing and transforming whereby a person is enabled to live a consequential life in a society of his or her own choice while determining to achieve maximum health potential. Basically, the recovery helps in controlling their lives regardless of the trauma. Ideally, focusing care with an aim of supporting recovery and building a pliability of individuals suffering from mental health problems is regarded as putting recovery into action (Cook et al., 2009). This shows that recovery is not only managing and treating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Recovery is therefore controlling, diagnosing, supporting, and treating post-traumatic stress disorder patients.