Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Soldiers


Argumentative double spaced paper addressing the fact that PTSD is not taken seriously among american soldiers who come back from wars with traumas and start re-experiencing fears and developing PTSD. Also the paper should incorporate how psychology is approaching this disorder and how it deals with its sufferers. (examples, research, testimonies are all welcome.) It will need to convey an arguable position through a definite thesis and a reasoned development.


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) is an emotional disorder brought about by anxiety resulting from experiences that are threatening, very frightening and highly unsafe. The sufferers of this disease keep re-experiencing the event or events that triggered the trauma (Shiel and Stoppler, 2008). These people highly avoid people, other things, places that act as a reminder to the event and this is known as avoidance. PSTD sufferers are highly sensitive to experiences of life that are quite normal and this is known as hyper arousal.   A formal diagnosis of this condition was made in 1980 although it has been in existent since time immemorial as endurance of trauma has been with mankind forever.