Position Paper


This paper is a position paper/persuasive speech. Write a paper on an aviation related marketing topic of current relevance. Choose a position as to whether you agree or disagree with the selected topic. Content and relevancy to aviation marketing will be referenced. Proper use of grammar and spelling is very important. At least one referenced source is required. In the conclusion portion of the paper reference specific concepts and principles from the information I will provide you with.


F-22 raptor against other fighter jets is the latest marketing topic in the aviation industry. F-15, J-10 Euro fighters, F-35 and the su-47 are other fighter jets found within and outside the United States.   F-22 and f-35 belong to the fifth generation, with the J-10 being China’s best jet fighter on the market. While the F-22 has dominated the market as the best fighter for some time, the new F-35 is being designed with the newest technology to beat existing fighters. Under the topic F-22 against other fighter, where F-22 is being marketed in favor of other fighter jets, a highlight of the various comparisons between F-22 and the fighter jets will be discussed in this study. I choose to support F-22 over other jets.