Portfolio Outline M6


With the goal of applying for the ideal job you described last week,(See attached) put together a table of contents for your professional portfolio in search of a position as nurse educator. Be sure to include a complete list of content in the order you would present it and include a list of student and professional activities. Include in outline attached documents listed below.

what are professional organizations you might consider joining ?
How having a personal learning or social/professional network can assist you in landing your ideal job?


I am a highly qualified and skilled career professional with more than 17 years practical experience in hospital, and primary care environments. Perform work accurately with attention to detail within specified time periods. I have a master of science in nursing education continuing education for nursing professional growth. I am seeking for an employment as a nurse educator which will make best use of my skills and experience and help me to develop further. I am a good communicator with proven interpersonal skills and am also used to working in a team.  I am a good learner willing to acquire new skills, friendly and have a good sense of humor.