Political Influence


Not everyone actively participates in a political party or interest group, but political parties and interest groups do influence every one of our lives in many ways. Think about your own life and then write a paper that identifies which political party and which interest group(s) have had the most influence on your life and your personal level of participation in each. Also include 1) how these have influenced what you believe about the political process in general, 2) what policies promoted by that specific political party and/or interest group(s) you support/don′t support, and 3) what you can/cannot do because of public policies/laws that this specific political party and/or interest group(s) have influenced, etc. Finally, discuss your personal level of interest in becoming an active participant in a political party and/or interest group in the future. Support your ideas with research showing that the chosen political party and interest group(s) have actively worked to influence the laws, policies, and/or actions you have discussed. The paper should: Be 3-4 pages in length, not including the reference page. Include at least two in-text references which support your thinking/opinions and prior knowledge; or support facts presented. In-text references cited in the assignment must also be included in an APA-formatted reference list and no reference should be more than ten years old. Formatted according to APA Requirements. Uploaded on Blackboard in either Word or PDF format

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An issue that directly surrounds individual plays a vital role in determining the types of life that the person in question leads.  The interaction between an individual and the community issues as explained by  the theory of cognitive development does not only influence the type of life that an individual leads but  defines the impact that the interacting issues have on such community members.  The most conspicuous societal issue that surrounds that has influenced my life in the context of political affiliations is the conservative party. Even though  I do not agree with the policies laid  down by the conservative party, I agree with most  of the parties policies  thus  I can confidently describe myself an active member of the conservative party.